Image Manipulator

This project uses Python and PyQt to view, manipulate and composite user images. 

Image Operations:

  • gamma

  • contrast

  • monochrome

  • mix

  • keyMix

  • over

  • edge-detect filter

  • blur filter

  • sharpen filter

  • median filter

  • luma-key

  • chroma-key

  • color-difference

a. original image

Image Manipulator

b. Sharpen filter

Monster Mash

This project uses C++ and Cocos2D-x to create an interactive 2D game.

Game Features:

  • parallax scrolling

  • painter's algorithm

  • keyboard control

  • object pooling

Model Viewer

This project uses C++ and OpenGL to render a polygonized/triangle-based model. It then allows the viewer to transform, rotate, and scale those models.



  •  Draw model one pixel at a time using glVertex


  • OBJ parsing

  • DDA Algorithm to generate line segments between points

  • Orthonormal Viewing

  • Perspective viewing

  • Polygon Transformations

  • Phong Smoothing

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